10 Reasons Why Salman Khan Is The Original Superstar

There are 100′s of reasons why Salman Khan Is The Original Superstar…few of them are here……. :)

1. Salman Khan’s Popularity – Salman Khan is one of the most popular stars of Bollywood. His fans treat him as a family member and fondly calls him Salman Bhai. Their love for Salman Khan is ‘insane’. Other stars have die hard fans but Salman Khan has die hard fanatics!

2. Salman’s films don’t need any story – Shakespeare has once said what’s there in a name, but what if the name is Salman Khan? Salman Khan is perhaps the only star in Bollywood whose movies become hit just by his name. Salman’s movies don’t need a strong story. His earlier films like Dabangg, Bodyguard and Ready did not have a strong script, but all the movies were superhit at the Box Office.

3. Salman Khan has launched many newcomers – From Katrina Kaif to Zarine Khan to Sonakshi Sinha, Salman Khan has helped many newcomers to make their debut in Bollywood. Not only this, he has also helped Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Himesh Reshammiya and Sajid Wajid to establish their career.

4. Salman Khan’s movie is critic free – Such is the fan following of Salman Khan that people don’t wait for the critics review to watch his films. Even if the critics give his movies one star out of five, his films easily crosses 100 crore at the Box Office.

5. No Diplomacy – This actor surely does not know how to speak diplomatically. Salman Khan is very outspoken and always speaks what he actually feels. He has lashed Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali openly in the media in the past. His straight forwardness always leave him in controversies, but that does not stop him from speaking his mind.

6. Being Human Foundation – Salman Khan is known as the most generous and large-hearted actor. To help the underprivileged children with their education and health care, Salman Khan has opened an NGO called Being Human. Apart from Being Human, Salman Khan is actively involved in charity.

7. Don’t give a damn attitude – Salman Khan’s ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude separates him from other stars. Salman Khan never cares about what is being written about him in the media. At times, people expect him to give diplomatic answers, but the man does not care! He signs film which makes him happy rather than his critics. Hits, flops does not affect him.

8. Salman Khan’s body – It was Salman Khan who started the trend of going shirtless and showing his body in the movies. He has a great body and many stars like Hrithik Roshan has taken tips from Salman Khan on how to get good physic. When it comes to the best body, nobody can beat him. His fans go mad when he removes his shirt on-screen!

9. Actors turn to Salman Khan in tough time – Every star in Bollywood wants to get in the good books of Salman Khan because he is famous for going out-of-the-way to help his friends. He is known for doing item songs and cameo free for his friends. When Govinda needed help to reboost his career, it was Salman who came to his rescue and signed him for Partner. Not only this, Preity Zinta revealed recently that Salman Khan has helped her a lot in the past. Salman is also doing a cameo in Ishkq In Paris just for his friend Preity Zinta.

10. Salman Khan is the only actor to cross 100 crore at Box Office in just five days – Salman’s movie Ek Tha Tiger is the fastest movie to cross the 100 crore mark at the Box Office. Ek Tha Tiger collected 100 crore in just five days!

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Vivek Khanduri is a Blogger who lives in Dehradun, India and is a Civil Engineer. He is a Bollywood Buff and loves to write about Bollywood.

Vivek Khanduri is a Blogger who lives in Dehradun, India and is a Civil Engineer. He is a Bollywood Buff and loves to write about Bollywood.

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  1. utkarsh gosavi says:

    if i m a lucky gye then i must get chance to work with sallu bhai I LOVE SALMAN

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