Do you think, Aamir Khan tries to be Tom Hanks?

Do you think, Aamir Khan tries to be Tom Hanks? Jul, 30 2023


So, I was lounging on my cosy red couch, petting Roxy, my golden retriever, and watching one of my favorite Aamir Khan movies, oblivious to the cuddly Siamese cat named Simba who was napping comfortably across the room. Some random observation popped up in my mind—Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks! Hold on, this might actually be something! A light bulb moment!

Performance Parallels

Let's dive deep into this thought with me. Has anyone else noticed the striking similarities between Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks in terms of their performance style? Both are phenomenal actors known for their versatility and commitment to their roles. Their scene-stealing performances have made a lasting impression on me and no doubt, other cinema buffs worldwide. Ever noticed how they dive into their roles, exploring the depths of their characters with such intensity? It is simply unworldly how they can come up with variant expressions and phenomenally impressive acting skills.

The key to their success, I believe, lies in their ability to completely absorb themselves in their characters. Whether it's Aamir portraying a wrestling coach in "Dangal" or Tom playing the role of a mentally challenged man achieving great feats in "Forrest Gump", both performances ooze authenticity. I am not just watching Aamir or Tom at these times; I am watching Mahavir Singh Phogat and Forrest Gump.

The Drive for Authenticity

Does Aamir take a leaf out of Tom's book? I won't hesitate before saying he does, in fact, there's a drive for authenticity inherently etched in both of them. They share an intense focus on the character they are about to portray. They take up roles that are unconventional, breaking the conventional hero mold that we are usually offered. In doing this, they exhibit a daring and determination that sets them apart from the rest.

To bring credibility to their roles, both go to incredible lengths. Remember Aamir’s transformation for "Ghajini" and remember Tom's skeletal appearance in "Cast Away". These are classic examples of the lengths they are willing to go for their roles, giving importance to realism over their personal comfort.

Driven by Choice - Not Stardom

What's more intriguing is their choice of films. The fact that they both do not let stardom dictate their script choices is a characteristic enduring to me as well as other fans. They opt for stories that touch the heart and leave an indelible mark on the mind. Through their roles, they attempt to reflect and influence society and not just entertain.

Case in point, remember "Taare Zameen Par", a movie that addressed learning difficulties, and "Philadelphia", about the sensitive issue of homosexuality and rights for AIDS victims? Their active choice to bring such stories to light speaks volumes about their integrity. They use their influence to create a positive impact, which surely nods to the question, is Aamir Khan trying to be Tom Hanks?

Mirror Image Globetrotters

Don’t you all agree that there's a remarkable pattern in Aamir and Tom participating in global cinema? Tom has a firm place in Hollywood, and Aamir is the unwavering super-star in Bollywood. Both have significant extensive career profiles and often venture beyond their comfort zones. This cross-continental parallel trajectory is something that is impossible to miss when comparing these two legends.

An Icon Beyond the Scope of Acting

Let us not forget the magnitude of influence both Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks have beyond their vast acting careers. Aamir, with his TV show "Satyamev Jayate", ignited various socio-political debates in India, while Tom has used his celebrity status to get involved in numerous charitable causes and environmental advocacies in the US. Surely, such inspiring off-screen personalities also imply a certain resemblance.


While it is not about copying or imitating, I believe Aamir Khan subtly tries to adapt some behavioural traits from Tom Hanks. They share a similar approach towards cinema, which focuses on the impact a film can have and its potential to influence societal norms. Whether you agree or not — the uncanny comparison provides food for thought the next time you watch either of these incredible actors on screen!

As I go back to caressing Roxy's golden silky fur and offering a tickle to an awakening Simba, I realise how taking time out to watch movies can stir thoughts and tickle our senses. And as far as Aamir and Tom are considered, well, you've just got to agree, they bring much more to the table than just their acting skills. They give us something to think about, motivation, inspiration, and a certain zest for life that's absolutely contagious!